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Cathy Ennis

Cathy Ennis has always been interested in music and media. “There must be a bit of an archaeologist residing within, too,” she says. “I’ve always found it fun digging through the enormous CKUA record library for that perfect piece -- to start a show, follow another track or change the dynamic of a program.”

Cathy started with CKUA in 1978 as a fresh grad from NAIT’s Radio and Television Arts program. She was hired as a news reporter and announcer.

“My first assignment was to ‘cover' a symposium called "Man: his Mind, his Feelings, his World", which featured lectures by people such as Richard Leakey, Buckminster Fuller, Rollo May, and Alex Haley,” she says. “I thought to myself ‘Holy #^*%! This is amazing! I love CKUA.’”

She’s been involved off and on ever since, in news, technical production or hosting shows, including Classic Examples, All That and Jazz, The Listening Room, Passport and The Folkways Collection.

Cathy has a long list of influences, including her family, friends, pets and colleagues. “I love music, live theatre, television and film; and I love learning,” she says.

Now, Cathy is back at the mic as host of The Listening Room.

The Listening Room
You never know what you'll hear in The Listening Room but you can be sure it has been exquisitely curated by veteran program host and producer Cathy Ennis. Passionate about presenting the finest music from CKUA's magnificent record library, Cathy aims to captivate your ears and invites you to become a regular visitor to her favourite place - The Listening Room. Join her there every Monday morning from 9 to noon.

Monday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cathy Ennis

The Listening Room