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Festival Radio

Festival Radio brings you the spirit and music of the summer season, wherever you are!

From 4:30 to 5:30pm MT, every Saturday afternoon from June 19th to September 4th, CKUA connects listeners with the festivals and artists that they love. Put a blanket down down in the backyard, grab a cool beverage, and fire up the barbecue. You deserve a little bit of summer, starting right now!

Blindman Brewing

Blindman Brewing is a group of folks that love beer, music, and festivals. We are all excited for the re-imagined festivals taking place this summer and hope to hit up as many of them as we can.

We love walking through the festival crowds and chatting with friendly people. And there is something special about sitting on the hill, listening to the music rising from the stage and enjoying a brew, maybe one of ours like our Blindman River Session Ale or our New England-style Pale Ale.

We are beyond excited to be the Presenting Sponsor of Festival Radio and can’t wait to see you all out in the world.

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The Establishment Brewing Company

We love Sled Island. It’s such an eclectic and intimate festival full of happy accidents. We love to learn about new music of any genre, and we typically don’t know many of the artists on the Sled Island lineups, but that’s part of the beauty of the festival.

Highly drinkable, highly crushable, and generally crowd-pleasing, our core line up of beers include Jam Rock, a blackberry sour with Vanilla, My Best Friends Girl, a Kölsch-Style Ale, and Afternoon Delight, our New England Pale Ale.

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Prairie Catering

We love food, so of course our favourite festival is Taste of Edmonton! We work one-on-one with our clients to make sure every event reflects your personal taste and style. Regardless of your budget, we will deliver a seamless event and delicious food that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Don’t feel like barbecuing? Get a delicious meal delivered directly to your backyard Festival Radio party! Receive a CKUA listener discount of 10% off! Just tell us you saw/heard about us on CKUA!

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Providing the official soundtrack for our Festival Radio Vendor Tent is T.Nile!

T. Nile blurs musical boundaries, fusing the traditionally conflicting styles of Americana and Dream Pop.

She has performed at numerous folk music festivals around Western Canada, including the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Her music awards include Best New/Emerging Artist at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Look for her new album, Beachfires!


Bay 1 Gallery

Providing the exquisite furnishings and visual beauty in the Festival Radio Vendor Tent is wood artist Ralph Reichenbach of Bay 1 Gallery. Reichenbach specializes in the use of wood veneers and combines them with solid woods to create aesthetically pleasing ornamental and functional objects.

Heritage Festival is the festival for us! Great food, music and culture!

Bay 1 Gallery represents 14 artists of all types: Oil, acrylic, pastel, furniture, wood workings, sculpture, pottery & photography, traditional indigenous art.

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Steve & Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit

Steve and Dan’s parents, Alvin and Helena, immigrated to Canada, settling in British Columbia. They were farmers, so they continued farming there, founding Souto Farms.

Fast forward a generation, and their kids Steve and Dan saw a need for fresh BC fruit in Alberta. At the time, farmers’ markets were just gaining traction in Alberta. So, they founded Steve & Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit – a family-owned and operated company dedicated to bringing fresh BC fruit to Alberta farmers’ markets. Need Festival Radio snacks? Be sure to pick up their fruit chips, fresh produce or apple, peach, and pear juices!

Fringe will always have a Peach of our Hearts :)” – Steve & Dan

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Golomein Noodles

Inspired by their family roots, Golomein Noodles brings traditional Brunei street food to hungry Albertans.

Their recipes are 55 years in the making, originating with their father who worked the streets of Brunei as a noodle hawker to support his family. The recipes have been refined over the years and transmitted to the current generation who run the company. Be sure to try their Beef noodle kit, Pork noodle kit, or BBQ Pork Tray!

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Rocky Mountain Tisane

Our favourite festival was Lollapalooza in the early 90’s in Vancouver!

Wanting to give others the opportunity to hydrate without sacrificing taste, the founders of Rocky Mountain Tisane started experimenting with teas. The result was a small-batch, non-alcoholic craft beverage with zero calories that really delivers on taste. Check out Fruit Infusion, Lemon Ginger, Hibiscus Cinnamon, Power Up Mountain Chai!

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Irving’s Farm Fresh

Coming from agricultural roots in England, Nicola and Alan Irving moved to Alberta in the early 2000s.

Unable to find any local equivalents to their favourite pork products from home, they decided to make their own, and have grown operations at Irving’s Farm Fresh farm and butcher shop in Round Hill, Alberta since.

Their pigs are free range, raised with no added hormones or antibiotics and all of their premium pork products are made from scratch using traditional production methods and simple, fresh ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

Though they don’t attend many festivals, they do love going to watch the racehorses run at Century Mile. They will even have one their own homebred horses running there later this summer.

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Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings is an Edmonton-based producer of gourmet Chinese dumplings. Founders, wife and husband Ray Ma and Chris Lerohl, started with Ray’s passion for creative foods and Chris’s passion for innovative entrepreneurship.

Both are disruptors of the status quo, an attitude that prompted them to grow an artisanal food company that aims to reinvent grocery. They do this by continually innovating new recipes, using local and natural ingredients, and ensuring that transparency and sustainability are core to decision making.

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Baba’s Borscht

Inspired by the home cooking of his grandmother, Baba Kurnoff, Brett Sterling has created a couple of hearty soups, a Doukhobor Borscht and Mushroom Soup.

Staples of the Doukhobor community, these healthy and wholesome vegetarian soups have simple, hearty ingredients, but deliver complex and delicious flavours – perfect pairing with a crusty bread and butter! Brett Favourite festival: Hot Dog Fest in Edmonton!

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Catfish Coffee Roasters

A family-owned coffee roasting company with roots in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, Catfish Coffee Roasters has developed a loyal following across the city and now, across Canada. Adhering to consistent, small-batch roasting processes, they like to showcase the diversity of their coffees, featuring a variety of roasts.

They are committed to traceable, direct trade relationships with growers and producers. This commitment to sourcing carefully and sustainably grown coffees and high-quality production is evident in every cup.

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Nude Market

The Calgary Pride Festival is the favourite of Nude Market! “It’s a celebration filled with love and equality, where everyone can feel safe, and is accepted for who they are.”

Nudemarket is a small, local business in Calgary that makes fresh peanut butter, delivers refills, and supplies zero waste alternatives to everyday necessities.

Nudemarket’s goal is to make package-free shopping easy and accessible. Their peanut butter is free from additives and stabilizers and produced with the highest standards so that it tastes amazing!

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South Island Pie Co.

From the day he left New Zealand, Jamie – the pie man himself – longed for the comforts of a hot, savoury, traditional NZ meat pie.

Once he settled in Edmonton with his Canadian wife, he realized there were no down-under-style meat pies to be found.  After years of making meat pies for friends and family and fine tuning his recipes, the South Island Pie Co. came to life. Their meat pies are convenient, tasty, locally sourced and locally made in Edmonton.

Favourite Festival: Folkfest “It’s amazing to see customers trying our pies for the first time, and then seeing them come back over the next 3 days for more.”

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Mountain Rhino

Steve and Ruth, Mountain Rhino co-founders, love food-festivals, including Taste of Calgary and Winefest.

After being weekend donut warriors, set up at a local farmers market, they finally took a leap of faith to expand. The leap has paid off! Unwilling to stop at donuts, they now make brownies, tarts, and incredible cinnamon buns.

They offer vegan and dairy free products in addition to the already gluten-, peanut- and tree nut-free goodies on their menu.

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NKD – Natural Kitchen Delights

Natural Kitchen Delights (NKD) is committed to creating a higher standard of chocolate, by taking the chocolate taste you know and love and bringing back the nutritional benefits.

They make all of their chocolate using fair trade, single-origin cacao. The cacao itself is sun roasted in Ecuador and handcrafted in Edmonton. It is dairy free with no additives or preservatives and sweetened only with Dark Amber Canadian maple syrup.

Indulge guilt-free on raw unadulterated chocolate designed for a healthy body and happy taste buds.

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Little Bear Gelato

Founder, Chef Franck Bouilhol, made a strong commitment to flavours during his training at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie, Alain Ducasse Formation, in France. In addition to the technical training and the awakening of his natural passion, he also received there a long tradition of striving for excellence.

In 2019, he capitalized on all of these: extensive training, experience and his natural passion and dedication to flavour, when he started Little Bear Gelato, an artisanal frozen dessert line. His uncompromising commitment to taste is revealed in his ingredients list, the top and main ingredient of all of their products is what brings the flavor: the fruits, the nuts, the chocolate.

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Confetti Sweets 

Founder, Kathy Leskow’s favourite festival is the Pysanka Festival in Vegreville AB! She loves all the Ukrainian dancers, the food and well… “It’s just a totally awesome party!”

Passionate about her cookies and her company, Confetti Sweets, has grown a thriving storefront in Sherwood Park from a home basement start-up by making and selling awesome baked goods, made with old-school ingredients like real butter. Confetti now sells a variety of tasty foods out of their storefront and their own products in numerous venues. Check out their Frozen Take n’ Bake Cookie Dough and Cookie Dough Mix.

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Moo’s Protein Muffins

Long a staple for athletes and other healthy eaters, Moo’s Protein Muffins answer the need for a more nutritious snack alternative.

Healthy food fast is critical for folks who need a quick snack loaded with high-quality nutrients after a workout or simply to sustain an alert edge during a long meeting.

No empty calories here, just great taste and texture.  With the pandemic changing the playing field, they pivoted to launch their protein muffins as a baking mix. Whip these muffins up at home and get your healthy snack on!

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Uproot Food Collective

Uproot Food Collective is a marketplace for emerging food brands. A space for entrepreneurs to brainstorm and collaborate, and manufacturing for scaling up. Together companies can make more food that people love.

The business side is under one roof too—from package design to marketing to nation-wide distribution. As our food collective grows so does our power. Power to take away shelf space from food conglomerates. Power to provide consumers what they’ve been waiting for. Power to turn the whole industry on its head!

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Happy summer, friends! Make a plan to be in your yard or even on a friend’s tarp, every Saturday this summer, from 4:30 to 5:30pm MT.

You’ll hear festival favourites, live performances, and great conversation, bringing that celebratory, relaxed summer vibe to you wherever you are.

Tune in, Saturdays at 4:30pm MT!

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