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From science and business to culture and more, CKUA's radio features pack a lot into a few minutes. Find out more about each feature, and catch episodes you may have missed.

Aboriginal Pathways

Success stories & inspiring interviews

Host: Cheryl Croucher

9:45am MT Mondays
10:45am MT Tuesdays
1:45pm MT Wednesdays
2:45pm MT Thursdays
4:45pm MT Fridays
1:30pm MT Saturdays
7:30am MT Sundays
4:58pm MT Sundays

About the Feature:

Indigenous success stories are at the heart of a series on CKUA called Aboriginal Pathways. People from the Indigenous community are interviewed about their work, their perspectives, their passions, and their achievements.

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Alberta Kitchen

Hot tips from Foodies

Host: Various Hosts

9:28am MT Mondays
3:58pm MT Wednesdays
4:58pm MT Friday
3:28pm MT Saturdays

About the Feature:

Food! We eat it, we prepare it, we talk about it and we can’t live without it. Looking for a way to make your food experiences even better? CKUA and PF Custom Countertops in Edmonton bring you Alberta Kitchen where we share techniques, tools and ingredients from chefs and producers across the province.

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Arts & Culture Guide

What’s happening in Alberta’s arts & culture scene

HOST: Various Hosts

Four times a day, Mondays through Sundays


You can see a complete listing of Alberta events on the CKUA Events Calendar

To be considered for inclusion in the Arts & Culture Guide, please submit your event to our events calendar. Our arts producers review the calendar regularly to find material for the feature.



Call of the Land

The information source for agriculture

Host: Caitlynn Reesor

11:50am MT Mondays – Fridays


Call of the Land is a five day-a-week, 9-minute agricultural radio program produced by Alberta Agriculture. For many years Call of the Land has aired during the noon hour to a province-wide network of stations including CKUA. It now reaches a daily audience of more than 110,000 listeners.

Aimed at rural Albertans, the program keeps the agricultural community current on the latest agricultural technologies, research findings, production methods and marketing trends, as well as government programs and policies. The Call of the Land Calendar serves as a source of information on regional and provincial agricultural meetings.


Green Energy Futures

Stories from the clean energy revolution

Host: David Dodge

10:55am MT Wednesdays
1:55pm MT Thursdays
8:55am MT Sundays

About the Feature:

Green Energy Futures is a multimedia series about people engaged with green energy solutions in their homes, businesses, and communities across Canada. These innovators are leading the way to a green energy future in Canada. The program features stories on solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, hydro, electric cars and a host of other green energy solutions.

Green Energy Futures is not just about amazing new technologies and industries, it’s about an entrepreneurial spirit and the dogged determination of some fascinating people who started working on “alternative energy” and wound up with some very mainstream ideas. It is about the connection between people and green energy technology.

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Notes on Wellness

Music can do you good.

Host: Meg Wilcox

8:28am MT Mondays
3:58pm MT Tuesdays
9:28am MT Thursdays

About the Feature:

Every week, Meg Wilcox brings you practical tips to promote good health and explores how music can become a powerful tool for a happy life.

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Market Report

The latest financial market data.

Hosted: Stephen Hunter

7:40am MT Mondays – Fridays

About the Feature:

Market Report is your opportunity to keep up to date on the latest data from the financial markets, including Dow, Nasdaq and the Toronto Stock Exchange. As well, find out how gold, oil, prime interest rates, and the Canadian dollar fared throughout the day.



The Science of Music

Hearing is believing.

Hosted by Dr. Torah Kachur

9:27am MT Tuesday
3:27pm MT Wednesdays
5:28pm MT Thursday
11:28am MT Saturday
9:56am MT Sunday


Explore the hidden side of the music you love. Science columnist Dr. Torah Kachur explains the science behind the sound and reveals the inner workings of the music we listen to.

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