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Calgary Jazz Orchestra: Art of Romance, Art of Soul – with Strings

Sunday, February 11th

The Calgary Jazz Orchestra continues it’s historically sold out traditional for it’s February concert, with another 2 themed evening

Art of Romance / Art of Soul

Experience the Magic of Love and Music at ‘The Art of Romance’ for the first half

🎶 Dive into a World of Elegance and Emotion 🎻 Join us for an unforgettable evening with the full Jazz orchestra, complete with strings and class. ‘The Art of Romance’ isn’t just a concert; it’s a journey through the heart of music and emotion.

💖 Feel the Pulse of Romance Immerse yourself in songs about love and romance, performed in the timeless style of the Great American Songbook. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or new to the genre, the classic, swinging tunes filled with depth and substance will captivate your heart.

🌟 Witness Dazzling Performances Be enthralled by our soloists – both vocal and instrumental – as they take center stage, their artistry weaving seamlessly with the lush sounds of the Jazz orchestra and strings. Each note, each melody, is a testament to the power of love and music.

🌆 A Night in a Classic ‘Studio Orchestra’ Setting Set in an ambiance that echoes the golden age of jazz, our concert hall transforms into a space where time stands still, and music speaks the language of the soul.

✨ Open to All – A First-Time Experience Not to Be Missed Never been to a jazz concert? ‘The Art of Romance’ is the perfect introduction. Lovers of music, stories, and emotions – this evening is for you. Join us, and let the rhythms of romance fill your evening with unforgettable memories.

🎟️ Reserve Your Seat in the World of Jazz and Romance Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience. Book your tickets now and be part of a musical celebration that transcends the ordinary!

🎷 Embrace the Rhythms of History at ‘The Art of Soul’ 🎤

🌟 A Musical Odyssey from Motown to Modern Hits Step into the world of ‘The Art of Soul’, where the same full Jazz orchestra, known for its elegance and class, takes you on a journey through the heart of Motown, Soul, and Funk. From its rich origins to its impactful presence in today’s music, this concert is a celebration of rhythm and emotion.

💃 Dance to the Timeless Beats Experience the music that shaped generations. Groove to the tunes of iconic artists like Smokey Robinson, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Prince, The Temptations, Four Tops, Sam Cooke, and many more. Each song is a story, each beat a heartbeat of history.

🎼 Fusion of Classics and Contemporary The Art of Soul bridges the gap between the classic soul of yesteryears and the modern sounds that continue to influence music today. It’s not just a concert; it’s a musical timeline that showcases the evolution of soul and funk.

🌈 A Celebration for All Ages and Tastes Whether you’re a long-time soul lover or new to the genre, ‘The Art of Soul’ promises an evening where music transcends age and time. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary charm, appealing to fans of all ages.

🌃 In the Heart of a Soulful Night Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the vibrant energy of funk meets the deep emotion of soul. The concert setting is transformed into a space of musical magic, where every note resonates with the spirit of soul music.

🎟️ Join Us on a Journey Through the Soul of Music Don’t let this unique musical experience pass you by. Grab your tickets to ‘The Art of Soul’ and be part of an evening where the past and present of soul music come alive. It’s more than a concert; it’s a celebration of life, rhythm, and soul.


Sunday, February 11th
7:00 pm - 9:15 pm
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