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CKUA Donated Hour Terms and Conditions

Thinking about donating an hour of CKUA programming?? How excellent. It’s a wonderful way to get involved and to help keep the music alive. Check out the terms and conditions below and remember, we’re always here to chat if you have questions or ideas. Give us a shout at

Terms and Conditions of your Donated Hour:

(1) Connect with a CKUA announcer directly! CKUA staff will confirm your contact information (or the recipient’s, if you’re donating on behalf of someone else,) when they schedule the hour; it is your responsibility to add to or correct the information. The program announcer will try at least twice to connect with you.

(2) Share your musical inspiration with the CKUA world. Please try to stick to a max of three artist suggestions. The announcer will take a look and you may hear your choices on air, as long as they fit broadcast standards and the program’s format.

(3) The announcer of the donated hour will reference one musical suggestion but is not obligated to fulfill your musical suggestions (just in case you request Una Paloma Blanca be played 17 times in a row.)

(4) If you are donating through your business, Corporate Program donations will receive a non-charitable tax receipt as on-air corporate acknowledgement is defined by the CRA as advertising and therefore a non-charitable contribution.

(5) CKUA announcers are, of course, human (no robots or aliens here) and sometimes fall sick or have to make last-minute schedule changes. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but CKUA reserves the right to schedule the hour based on availability of the time slot.

(6) We do our best to accommodate specific date and time requests but event hours (memorials, birthdays, weddings etc.) may not be available for all programs.

Again, thank you! Donating an hour of programming is a fun way to put a personal stamp on a moment of CKUA airtime. It’s also a significant move that shows your support for music, arts and culture in Alberta (and beyond.) We are looking forward to hearing from you!