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CKUA is made possible by YOU!

As a donor-supported radio station, CKUA can only exist when our listeners choose to donate. We are fundraising right now because 70% of the CKUA operational budget is funded through donations by listeners just like you. Today, we are asking you to give, so you can directly make a difference in the life of musicians, in the musical discovery our hosts provide through their curated programming, and in the community you make better by supporting music, arts, and culture. 


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Your donation of $1000 or more makes a powerful impact behind the mic.
You ensure CKUA radio is made by real people, for real people.

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Alberta Hotel
9804 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0C5

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What are our goals?

Can we increase our fundraising total from Spring 2023 by ten percent? Let’s try!

• $820,000 in donations​
• Match the $278,448 we have in the Leadership Pool
• 250 new donors​
• 350 new monthly donors​

 How YOU make a difference with your donation

You make a difference in life of a musician.

As a donor, you make it possible for CKUA to play tunes from a diverse list of artists based on their merit, their authenticity, and their talent. You ensure that everyone across Alberta and beyond can discover new music, new artists, and new ways of thinking.   Donate today.

You make it possible for CKUA to be more than just a radio station.

As a donor, you support CKUA’s stronger ability to be the place for great music curated by informed and passionate hosts, to tell stories about what’s happening in the arts landscape, and to provide a home for all your new favorite artists. Every note, every song you hear on CKUA and streaming on CKUA.COM is brought to Alberta and beyond by you. Donate today!

You make music and the arts accessible to everyone.

You are ensuring that CKUA’s programming remains available at no cost, and continues to enrich the lives of all listeners regardless of age, culture, location, or financial capacity. Donate today!

You help to build and connect community.

Because you believe in the power of all types of music—to elevate, inspire, bring people together and build a better, stronger community, you enable CKUA to be about the music. You keep the music playing for the betterment of our community. Donate today!


You help to ensure that CKUA is on-air and online

Your donation supports the App, OnDemand, and the Hidden Track Podcast.

Your donation also supports our Transmitter network!

As technology and consumer demands change, CKUA is committed to an evolution beyond the traditional radio dial. Each month we reach nearly half a million people via CKUA’s sixteen province-wide FM transmitters, live streaming, the CKUA app, and our new OnDemand feature. The CKUA community also gathers virtually on social media where we inform, connect and engage in conversations with passionate listeners. Across all channels, we are seeing growth in diversity of listeners and donors which is important for CKUA to continue to prosper and serve listeners of tomorrow.

Donations help us pay the $650,726 yearly bill for maintaining our the 16 community FM transmitters and the digital streaming platforms that connect people across Alberta and around the world.

Be The Difference

Your Gift. Your Way. Your Direct Impact on CKUA and Music, Arts and Culture

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