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Backstage FAQ

What is ‘Backstage’? is the place where members of our crew enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

– Special promotions provided by CKUA sponsor partners
– Exclusive audio clips including hidden gems from the CKUA Vault
– Front of the line access and giveaways provided by CKUA arts and culture partners
– Contests to win tickets and prizes
– ‘Producer’s Cut’ interviews
– Sneak Previews of new singles and album releases

How do I get my Backstage pass code?

When you make a donation, your pass code will be emailed to you. If you’re already a member of the Crew, and you did not receive a pass code or if you have lost it, please email 

How do I know if I’m in the Crew?  

If you are one of the following, you are in the Crew! 

✓ a current Monthly Donor  
✓ One-Time Donor 
✓ Leadership Donor 
✓ Volunteer  
✓ Board Member 
✓ Foundation Member 

Does my Crew membership expire?  

Each fall (October) and spring (April), during our fundraising campaigns our Crew is updated to make sure we’re including everyone who qualifies, but simply put, your Crew membership lasts for one year. 
If you are a Leadership or Monthly donor, a Board or Foundation member or a Volunteer, at the beginning of each campaign you will be sent a heartfelt message of gratitude from the CKUA team, thanking you for your donation, along with an updated Backstage passcode.  

If you are a One-Time donor you will receive a thank you message with the current Backstage passcode, as well as at least one additional passcode update message. Depending on the month of your donation, you may receive two (ie. If you make a one-time donation in August, you will receive a passcode upon donation completion, in October, and in April).   

I lost the Backstage link! Can you re-send it to me? 

No need, the Backstage link is in the main menu of our home page ? 


Can I share my passcode with friends?  

We would like to honour and foster our donor community with this dedicated Backstage space. Please do not share your passcode details with others.   

I have a friend who would like to join the CrewIf I sign them up, do I get a prize? 

Not yet, but we are working on our referral program. 

Is the Backstage page secure? Is my financial information at risk?  

Our Backstage page is entirely separate from our donation system. No financial information is stored Backstage or on our website.   

Can I get my tax receipt or see my past donations? 

The Backstage page is dedicated to cool and unique content that we think you would enjoy, such as specialized playlists, exciting contests, and rare concert recordings, etc. To access any information related to your donation, such as tax receipts, please email     

Have an idea for Backstage?

Is there anything specific you’d like to see backstage? Email us at