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The CKUA crew comprises a community of kindred spirits – people who recognize and value the importance of music, arts and culture in expressing our best selves. We’ll be sharing their voices here, throughout the fall fundraiser – and we look forward to adding yours!

Be sure to revisit this page often throughout our fundraiser to see the growing list of a reasons to donate.

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Bruce McCulloch on his Alberta roots, new Kids in the Hall reunion series

Bruce McCulloch is in Sherwood Park tonight as part of the Festival Place Presenter Series. The Edmonton-born actor, writer, musician,...Listen

I moved to the Island 10 years ago and still NEED CKUA in my life. – Norene, Comox

I love having CKUA as a companion on my journeys from sitting in my office at work, to coming back to unwind from a search and rescue mission, to journeying across the province for work or pleasure! Thanks CKUA, and the many hosts doing a wonderful job curating the music selections. – Anthony, Medicine Hat

Thank you for being one of life’s constants in these hard times, dear CKUA-fam – Anonymous

Music feeds the soul & CKUA provides that nourishment. It is an integral part of our day – providing a social link to the community. Love it! – Cathy and Marty, Calgary

CKUA matters and makes such a positive impact each and every day – Tina, Calgary

I’ve loved your station for years when I lived in Calgary, and I made it an absolute imperative to find you online here in the Gulf Islands! Love love your music! – Cheryl, Gabriola Island, BC

I’ve listened to CKUA for many years and enjoy hearing artists both new and old and learning some of the history behind the musicians and songs over the years. This summer/fall I’ve started jotting down the names of artists I hear on CKUA and downloading their albums. I’ve created my own playlists that I can listen to anytime.Thank you CKUA for bringing such a wide variety of musical enjoyment into my world. – Brenda, Calgary

CKUA has been an important part of my family’s lives for almost a decade. When my musical daughter was a senior in high school, she was having trouble finding references for a lesser-known professional saxophone player. I suggested if anyone would be able to provide more information, it would be John Worthington. She emailed John with the name of a specific piece, and he emailed her back within 24 hours with the complete recording details of a rather obscure bit of music. I love the sense of community CKUA promotes, and I will never forget John’s extensive knowledge. – Sue, Red Deer

Love CKUA – we are listening to you today in Goodyear, Arizona! – Carol & Rick, Arizona

CKUA… thing since sliced bread ? You folks provide a wonderful alternative to the repetitive obnoxious, insulting, irritating commercial radio scene. I hear amazing music I would never hear on the commercial stations. – Ray, Edmonton

CKUA has been a part of my life for the past 25 years. There is always a piece played that evokes memories, calms and soothes or energizes and uplifts or reminds me of times gone by. CKUA always gives me pleasure. That is a pretty big gift you give me. Thanks. – anonymous, Whitecourt

You guys are awesome and make my morning drive so much more enjoyable. I lave the diversity of your program. – Sebastian, Calgary

CKUA has been “inclusive” when it comes to music, long before the word was known. And the commentary always so intelligent. Thank you! – Audrey, Edmonton

CKUA is a very important presence in my life and has been since 1969. The station and its approach to presenting all kinds of music has stayed relevant to my listening all of this time. Brian Golightly; you’re great along with Roy Forbes, Tom Coxworth, Bob Chelmick and all the many others. The classical programs are another favourite. Just about everything, I guess. Thanks very much to you all. – Penny, Edmonton

Thanks to all at CKUA for being the one constant and a safe place to go-especially these last 2 yrs. – Anonymous, Red Deer

Thanks for being the best station out there. Keep up the amazing job you all do. It’s an honour to listen – Ken, Duncan BC

Same thing that everyone says – soundtrack to my life. I’m a 24/7 listener – Karen, Bentley, AB

I remember stumbling across CKUA on the radio dial one day. I was so tired of the mainstream stations with the same songs overplayed and what seemed to be more ads than music. I heard Looking For Trouble by Ellen Mcilwaine and knew I had found something different, I had found the place that would scratch my musical itch! And I never looked back. Thanks CKUA! – Lana, Calgary

The radio in my woodworking shop is permanently tuned to CKUA. There is no program on CKUA that I do not like. CKUA’s range of programming has given me an appreciation for different types of music. Wide Cut Country is my favourite program of all and try not to miss it. Working in my shop with Wide Cut Country playing makes my Saturday morning a beautiful thing. – Jim, Edmonton

I enjoy the diversity of the music as well as the passion and knowledge all the announcers/dj’s share with us. – Lloyd, Thorsby, AB

I’ve come to appreciate that so many of the on air personalities are also accomplished musicians in their own right. I like that. And the variety keeps the days at work moving along. And the Saturday morning programming is some of my favorite. – anonymous, Edmonton

Proud to have CKUA as an Edmonton institution and to see its growth over these many years. – anonymous, Edmonton

Ever since I discovered CKUA 25 years ago I have been a loyal listener. It took me a couple of years to realize how much I would miss it if it were to go away. Ever since then, I have been a loyal supporter and donator! Many things have changed in those 25 years, and my favourite radio station continues to evolve to this day. Thank you CKUA for giving me fresh musical choices that haven’t been hammered to death. You all know what I’m talking about here I’m sure! I would love to hear ‘Beautifully Broken’ by Government Mule, perhaps on tonight’s Friday Night Blues Party with Mr. Hayden. Thank you for 25 years of musical enlightenment and inspiration, one and all 🙂 – Mike

Awesome radio and promotion of the arts in Alberta. I really appreciate the programming from stations like yours for playing and promoting the tracks you don’t always hear. The shows really offer an intimate experience. – Jason, Calgary

I knew this was the radio station for me when I first tuned in and have been a listener for almost 30 years. The diversity of music, coupled with the announcers’ boundless musical knowledge, makes CKUA the best. I’ve learned so much about so many artists. My musical tastes would never be as broad as they are without CKUA! – Sandra, Ottawa

For me, CKUA has been such a strong community through these isolated times. The musical knowledge that is preserved and shared, is so vital. I am always introduced to new music, and the vast range of music always satisfies. Having the spotlight on legends is always crafted in such depth, it is fabulous to listen to. Thanks for all the joy you bring into the world. – Craig, Edmonton

Love the mix of music and that you feature well known artists and also those that are so talented but not on other radio stations. Keep up the mix. Love the Announcers as well! I donated on behalf of my son Noah who just moved to Vancouver to continue his studies. He is the one who has been a fan of this station for a number of years now and now I am a fan as well! – anonymous, Edmonton

I was living in Edmonton, as a Proud Canada resident. 2008 or 2009. Was working on a project around Beaumont. First part of October. Saturday morning. Fresh snow. I brought my portable radio with me. Alison Brock started playing Merle Haggard, The Byrds, Ian Tyson, on and on. I was immediately taken. CKUA has been a part of my online life since then, even tho Im back in my beloved state of Arizona. Interesting point, Alberta, Arizona, America. All places that I am so blessed to be a part of, all start with A, end with A, have 7 letters. Whats up with that!! Thanks so much for all you bless me with! – Thomas, Flagstaff, Arizona

I was always someone that found music of all genres on my own but CKUA brought me to many of my favorites and was always a home for much of the music I have loved over the decades. Thanks CKUA for all those programs I loved over the years as well. Cheers!! – anonymous, Calgary

I’d like this donation to be in honour of my brother Andrew Ciurysek, who worked at CKUA for years and who exposed me not only to CKUA but also to much and diverse music… though he did not believe me that I could like the Beastie Boys enough to buy an album! I still remember driving home together from A & B Sound in Edmonton in the late 90s with the CD freshly purchased… while Andrew called me a faker! Thanks for all the music Andrew, and guess what, I’m still listening to them 🙂 – Sarah, Winnipeg

It shares the memories of our lives. It helps us with the highs and lows of our lives.
It’s our go to station especially during Sunday morning (Folk Roots) – Rick, Red Deer

My dad got me hooked on CKUA several years ago and now I can’t imagine life without it. Keep on keepin’ on, all you hardworking folks! – Kieran, Edmonton

Have been a supporter for over 10 years. CKUA is the station that plays in our house. we are raising our daughter who is now 3 to enjoy the variety CkUA offers. Wow this is the background to the music in my life for the last 10 years even more. I’m not in a position to elaborate on how much CKUA means to me. Can I get back to you? – Kristin, Grande Prairie

CKUA has kept me sane during these months of uncertainty and change. Thank you for being there for all of us! – anonymous, Calgary

I grew up listening to CKUA with my dad and now that I’m a Mama of three myself,(Charlie and twins Jasper and Goldie) I love listening to the station throughout the day with them introducing them to new music! – Bryde, Lethbridge

Thank you Holger and Cam for your time of service. I recall you well starting from 1968. Only a few days ago I was watching the Long John Baldry story where they showed Holger’s friendship with Long John. I’m not as devoted to music as I used to be but I respect the CKUA efforts to educate and enrich our lives. – anonymous, Edmonton

I love CKUA and especially the Celtic Show. Thanks to Andy Donnelly and all the hosts for spinning beautiful, creative amazing music every day of the week. Great for keeping spirits up and also for giving my kids the best musical education! – Emma, Lethbridge

It’s always on in our home, and now more than ever, as we are retired and not travelling as much. I can’t stand commercial radio and love the variety of music CKUA plays. The newer hosts are good- Oscar Z., Amy VK, etc. and I still love the “old” ones such as Lionel, Baba and Allison Brock, etc. – Margaret, Barrhead, AB

The CKUA variety on Saturday makes for a great all day music and relaxation!! – anonymous, Jasper, AB

CKUA is a musical treasure – a means of discovering new music and being reminded of treasures from the past. – Fred, Canmore

I like CKUA because you play different, non-commercial music. The DJs have input what music is played. The selection of music is not determined by some humourless business guy in Toronto who reads focus group statistics. – Dave, Calgary

Was introduced to CKUA in 1975 and actively participated in trying to save the station with the AB gov’t removed funding. Here I am, still listening. CKUA. You are valued. You are loved. You are worthy. Keep on doing what you’ve always done; shine your light on Canadian and Albertans who are passionate about their craft! – Brenda, Red Deer County

Thank you, CKUA for continuing to be a source of grace, light, community and sweet sweet music. – Carolyn, Stony Plain

I was born and raised in Alberta, and CKUA exposed me to a world of music I didn’t hear anywhere else. I’m so grateful for that. I remember when CKUA temporarily went off the air and it was such a loss – it felt like a real tragedy. But then when listeners came together to bring it back – wow! It was unreal! What a feeling to actually make something positive happen! Thank you, CKUA! – Nora, Vancouver

CKUA is the mainstay of my musical world, small as it may be. It has kept playing the standards from our parent’s era, from our era, the sixties and seventies, and even introduced me to music from talented new musicians. CKUA has recently played the Dice Cube’s, Bonnie’s nephew’s rockabilly band based in Edmonton. Inspired! I am usually listening Saturday, Thursday night, various mornings, afternoons etc from somewhere. Baba, Lionel, Kodi, Tony, Miles and so many more have educated, entertained and inspired us for years. – Brian, Calgary

Listening to CKUA is just magical. – Erin, Edmonton

I look forward to every Saturday and Sunday morning when I have 2 blissful hours of listening to Mark Antonelli and Saturday/Sunday Breakfast. The best way to start my weekend days! – Hollis, Calgary

Thank you Holger and Cam for your time of service. I recall you well starting from 1968. Only a few days ago I was watching the Long John Baldry story where they showed Holger’s friendship with Long John. I’m not as devoted to music as I used to be but I respect the CKUA efforts to educate and enrich our lives. – anonymous, Edmonton

I love to listen to CKUA as I work in my garden. Garden is in now, so today it’s time to make salsa with an overflow of peppers and tomatoes and the fantastic ecclectic music of CKUA. So grateful for CKUA, hosts, patrons, tech people, featured musicians, podcasts, you name it! – Maria, Edmonton

Music makes humans happy! Thanks to CKUA for bringing me happiness every day! – Jim, Calgary

CKUA is a treasure that is too good to languish in obscurity. Everyone would do themselves a favour by gluing the buttons, welding the dial or wedging the tuner with bubble gum so CKUA is always there. – Graham, Red Deer

Such a relief to hear real musicians making excellent music, and I am so glad CKUA chooses and exposes their music to the wider audience. – anonymous, Calgary

CKUA provides opportunity for people to listen to a variety of creative artists and to many genres of music. – Garry, Calgary

Keep on keepin’ on! Love it CKUA!! – Neil, Edmonton

I fell in love with CKUA the first time that I listened to it which is getting to be about 18 years ago. I got tired of commercial radio and luckily found CKUA on my dial. I have found many new artists through CKUA including the Great Lake Swimmers which has become one of my favourites. Thank you and keep up the good work. – Craig, Calgary

Best radio station in the province! – Clan, Calgary

Been listening sinch 1973. Moved to BC in 2007. Listen online now. It is our musical mecca. – Chris, Saanichton , BC

The Road Home has been a Sunday night staple for me for a long, long time – and when I was traveling overseas, listening to the 4am rebroadcast while waiting to go to bed in a lonely hotel room in Shanghai was a moment of quiet peace. I didn’t think I’d come to enjoy Raising Voices as much as I have, but there is something so complementary about the selections Orest Soltykevych makes — his show so often pairs with The Road Home in just the right way, and I’ve come to really enjoy choral music because of it. – Heather

I’m not on the road much these days, but when I am I’m tuned into CKUA. CKUA’s library is impressive and I like that a wide variety of music is broadcast for anyone who wants to listen. – Mike, Athabasca

I continue to enjoy many of CKUA’s programs and the enthusiasm and knowledge of the various hosts. I especially enjoy Mark Antonelli’s Classics and Nocturne, and would like my donation directed to those programs. I very much appreciate the peace that their music offers. I like many other genres including jazz, blues, folk, country and the eclectic nature of CKUA’s programming, such as The Road Home. CKUA is indeed “Alberta’s voice in music, arts and culture”. Thank you. – Liz, Calgary

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful music during these past few months as we transition through this pandemic. The variety of music through CKUA provides such a boost to one’s mental health and assists in keeping one moving forward through these troubling times. I love all the genres of music on CKUA and have added so many songs to my own playlist and found an abundance of new artists to listen to. – Caron, Edmonton

CKUA is our constant companion from the time we wake up until we go to bed. Tuning in to our favourite programs is like having tea and cookies with a friend (or maybe wine). We were on an Alberta road trip in late August and usually when we travel we tune into Sirius XM Radio, but this time it was CKUA all the way. When the signal would start to fade, my spouse would say, “check your phone and find the closest tower.” I would say he is a convert! Love the music and the stories. – Rose, Edmonton

You’re the BEST, community radio is so important and I feel like I know your radio hosts personally. Keep the good stuff playing. I love the local talent you hi-lite as well. – Hank, Calgary

I have been listening and donating to CKUA for many years and I convert everyone I can to be CKUA listeners. Most of my family has been converted. I have a new Granddaughter. Eleanor(Elle) is 5 months old but she has been listening to CKUA since she was conceived. She loves it when we dance with her and sometimes a tune will catch her attention and you can see her actively listening to the radio. She listens to everything but her favorite program is Lionel’s Vinyls. – Murray, Grande Prairie

On that infamous day that CKUA came back on the air, my husband and I were driving to Jasper. We keep watching the clock waiting for the time for Andy Donnelly to come on air. We listened to fuzz and then Andy came on. I cried tears of joy as we drove towards Jasper. – Pat, Edmonton

Edmonton is where my daughter was born. CKUA helped us cope with the trials of having a newborn!! Now I listen online from work everyday! – Julie, Ithaca, NY

Many years ago, just after I’d moved to Alberta, I told my brother that I listen a lot to CBC. To which he responded, with some measure of disgust, and then great enthusiasm: “Gwenn! No one listens to CBC – you gotta tune into CKUA!” (My brother sadly died last summer. Dave particularly liked TDM, so maybe you could play something by Bob Dylan on the TDM/Stew show, dedicated to Dave.) – Gwenn, Calgary

Thank you for introducing me to great music that I would never otherwise know about! – Heather, Edmonton

I moved to Calgary from Vancouver in 1990. I quickly discovered CJSW but I didn’t find CKUA until 1994. I was driving downtown when I lost the CJSW signal among the office towers. I was punching buttons looking for something worth listening to in the wasteland of commercial radio when suddenly the truck was filled with wonderful music. I don’t recall now what the song was – probably something Bluesy – but I remember my reaction. “What radio station is that?” I now have CKUA frequencies programmed into every button on the radio, so when I lose Calgary, I punch the next button and tune into Red Deer or Medicine Hat or whatever. – Tim and Shannon, Okotoks


Yolanda from Sargeant x Comrade Amplifies CKUA!

Our fall fundraiser has begun! Does your donation make a difference? Yes! Here now with thoughts on how you and...Read

Listening to Celeigh’s show and a series of Indigenous artists covering the Hip and now The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson — all awesome, and where else would I ever get this?! That’s only ONE reason I LOVE CKUA and proudly support as a monthly donor. I just supported the fundraiser and challenging all listeners to do the same. Let’s amplify CKUA! – anonymous, Edmonton

I have been a listener, volunteer and doner for 30yr and still have the radio on at home and in the car. Still love the music selections and enjoy the announcers. Also loved my volunteer experience and look forward to be person again. Thanks so much for everyone’s dedication and generosity,  – Delia, Edmonton

We are in Dubrovnik, Croatia enjoying an Adriactic holiday. Wishing CKUA a successful fundraiser, remembering we all share in the success of our Alberta community radio station when we stand up and make that commitment together. – Mike, Edmonton

My wife & I really enjoy the wide spectrum of music played on CKUA & that it is a publicly funded station plus the hosts of each program are outstanding & a real pleasure to listen to. – Dave, Jasper

I am a happy devotee of the Road Home.  – Dave, Calgary

My mom introduced me to CKUA at a young age. It’s the radio station that played where ever we were – at home, in the car, or in my mom’s shop (the recently closed art gallery and picture framing store Points North Gallery in Fort McMurray, which was open for 32 years). CKUA is interesting and thoughtful. – Jessica, Calgary

My radio in the car and kitchen is set on CKUA, With everything happening I can turn on the radio on CKUA and get lost, encouraged and learn something new every day. – anonymous, Edmonton

I got hooked on CKUA while visiting my parents in Medicine Hat – Daryl, San Jose, California

I love the variety in music offerings, the knowledgeable and friendly hosts, all together making an informative, entertaining package. – Edward, Edmonton, AB

The knowledgeable and compassionate folks of CKUA send a rare refreshing signal out across our World and into the infinity of Space — Someone very unexpected out there might be listening in and maybe thinking we’re not such a bad outfit here on our little Planet. Long live CKUA ! – Pete, Gallatin Gateway, Montana, USA

Had a spiritual teacher say: give to the needy and also to what feeds you spiritually. CKUA feeds me spiritually- the music, the announcers with their vast knowledge. – Delia, Edmonton, AB

I love a lot of different CKUA programs but right now Tony with Play It Again is my favourite. The music brings the warm memories of my grandmother’s kitchen into my kitchen on Sunday morning. – Jennifer, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

CKUA is such a great place to hear what could be called “non-establishment” music, which nowadays seems to mean great music. It’s been especially important during the pandemic because music is one of the things we can still enjoy and it helps us survive and navigate the hard times. Keep up the good work.  – Tom, Lethbridge, AB

We love your diversity. Shout out to Grant and Baba, because you got to have favourites. Our music collection would be so much smaller without you and we would have to spend more time looking for new music. Peace to you all.  – Keven & Lisa, Calgary, AB

Love the music. Heard some familiar stuff and some new music! – David, Ingersoll, ON

I heard about CKUA from my dear Calgary music friend, Susan Baird. I had the great good fortune to visit Susan during Wide Cut Country Weekend in 2017 and became a permanent CKUA fangirl! Thank you for providing wonderful 24 hour programming in a time when such individuality is rare in radio.  -Lila, Sparta, North Carolina