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Who makes CKUA possible?

You do, for a start. But you don’t have to do it alone. You’re joined by a team of 35+ hosts, 40+ support staff and 500+ volunteers. And of course, our 12,000 donors, who provide 60 per cent of CKUA’s funding. If you haven’t yet joined our dedicated team of donors, we encourage you to become a donor.


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Connecting with Innovation

Your donation will provide music and art when you need it most. With multiple means of staying connected to CKUA, including innovative donor-funded projects like our OnDemand platform, you are making an instant and easy escape to the infinitely rewarding, creative and comforting world of music where you never have to miss your favourite host or shows again.

Expanding content delivery

Your donation will support our commitment to capture live in-person performances, insightful face-to-face conversations, and premiers of fresh works and compositions. Through video, CKUA increases your level of appreciation and connection with the artists, composers, and broadcasters you know and love.

Amplifying diversity

Your donation will strengthen diverse voices. By creating space to elevate and share stories and music, and opening our eyes to other cultures and experiences, you are helping CKUA to create a better understanding of the world around us.

Belonging is essential

Your donation will strengthen bonds with in-person events for our unique community of music, arts and culture enthusiasts. Whether at our Calgary studio, or our headquarters in Edmonton, a CKUA community gathering is one that is authentic, soulful, and essential. As one listener stated, “CKUA (offers) a link to my own heart in ways I wouldn’t know to search for.” Your donation helps support these events to be more memorable, and more meaningful to all those that attend.

Connecting communities 24/7

Your donation brings you closer to a caring community. You are fostering a love of music that brings people together from near and far for a shared CKUA listening experience, creating endless possibilities for connection and inspiration.


Accessibility for the community  

Your donation makes music and the arts accessible to everyone in our community. You are ensuring that CKUA’s programming remains available at no cost, and continues to enrich the lives of all listeners regardless of age, culture, location, or financial capacity.

You Can Amplify CKUA!

Your Gift. Your Way. Your Direct Impact on CKUA and Music, Arts and Culture

Give One-Time Give Monthly Leadership Circle

Learn more about ways to amplify your support:

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