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A Day in the Life

Jodi Lucas, Senior Development Officer

When we listen to the radio, it’s easy to imagine the host chatting into the microphone and doing … something … on a computer to keep it all moving. However, it takes a whole crowd (working from home, of course; crowds are dangerous!) of knowledgeable, creative people (and some pretty fancy technology) to create each second you hear.

During the month of May we want to reveal all the human effort that goes into an hour of CKUA programming. Your donations throughout our Spring Fundraiser help support so many different things you may not even know about!

Let’s check out a day in the life of Jodi Lucas, Senior Development Officer:

I’m Jodi Lucas and I’ve worked at CKUA since 2019 in the role of Senior Development Officer for Southern Alberta. I’m part of the Development team and the larger External Relations (ER) team. The ER team drives CKUA’s fundraising, marketing and communications, and our community and volunteer engagement, all the while collaborating closely with the station’s crack programming and production team. Being a temporary caretaker for a 94-year-old arts and culture institution, while keeping it living, breathing, and evolving is no small task and I’m proud to play my part to keep CKUA thriving for the good of the community, especially during this unpredictable time we are in.

One of the true delights for me is that every day at CKUA really is different, and one of my personal motivations is to keep nimble and to contribute to the team however and whenever I’m asked. CKUA is always fundraising. Official finder of your change in the couch? I’ll take it. Corporate and arts sponsorship, grants and foundations, leadership pool, on-air advertising, donor relations, surveys, ratings and analytics, community engagement. On and on. We’ve got to be flexible these days and that’s the fun part. Essentially, it’s finding value of all kinds for CKUA and our stakeholders.

With that in mind, here’s what an optimal Monday at CKUA is like in my world:

6:30am to 8:30am: I try to get in some exercise of some kind, whether it be jumping on my exercise bike or heading out for a short walk. I live in a historical neighbourhood in Calgary lined with mature trees so this is an energizing time to get out and see Spring take hold. Back home, there must be caffeine of some sort and lots of it. And good music. CKUA is always on in my home, and often the volume is UP when the tunes merit, which is often. Sorry neighbours!

8:30am to 10am: Focus time. I try to keep distractions to a minimum as this is productive time for me. I start by addressing any client communications that have come in over the weekend. Our on-air traffic system is a beast, so any fine-tuning of orders from the previous week is important to make sure we are on track between production, development and finance. Also important to me is to outline a game-plan for the week to keep myself accountable and on-task. I try to get a good start on any major projects during this time. Around 10am, I take a short mental health break and generally spend a few minutes in my garden, watering, chasing weeds and encouraging any perennial seedlings that are poking their heads up now to find the morning sun.

10am to 2pm: Meetings. So many meetings. Ideally client meetings! These are my favourite. Considering how broad CKUA’s reach is, it’s always fascinating to check in with Alberta businesses, artists, and arts organizations and to see how they are doing, what their challenges are and finding ways we can work together right now. I’m pleased to share that there are success stories out there, and that despite the challenges, Albertans are finding ways to persevere, and work is getting done. Other meetings are internal. CKUA takes seriously the notion of working as a team. Once we’ve had initial client meetings, our team discusses proposals between programming and External Relations to find the very best we can deliver. We’re always striving to find the fine balance of keeping CKUA listeners engaged and to deliver value for those that chose to support us with sponsorships.

2pm and beyond: If the unpredictable Calgary weather allows, I try to take it outside in the late afternoons. This has been the wonderful discovery of working remotely fulltime – with good Wi-Fi, it can happen anywhere! As much as I truly miss the bustle and action of the Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio in the East Village, working on my laptop in the sun is a joy. Afternoons are spent on getting to know what is happening in our community and industry, refining proposals, and making sure our sponsor fulfillment is on track, plus reaching out and making new connections wherever I can.

Workdays go by quickly and being a part of an inspiring community leader like CKUA is totally invigorating. If you’d like to work with us, or maybe you just want to tell me about your favourite concert experience, reach out! I love to be connected.