How would we describe the music of David Myles? Folk. Jazz. Gospel. Pop. Blues. ‘50s rock ‘n roll. Classic country. And hip hop with his fellow Atlantic Canadian, Classified.

“Inner Ninja” won David Myles and Classified (Luke Boyd) a JUNO in 2013 for Rap Recording of the Year.

OK, so David Myles can be hard to pin down stylistically, but whatever style he chooses you can be guaranteed he’ll deliver it with an unbridled energy and enthusiasm.

When his first album, 2005’s Together And Alone, was released Myles was living in Calgary (he still has two brothers living in Alberta). He returned to Atlantic Canada the following year and has lived in Halifax ever since. But it was with Together And Alone that CKUA programmers first became big David Myles fans and it has been a joy to watch his career unfold over the past dozen years – to watch (and listen) to him explore multiple genres and styles with such grace and dexterity and still remain the indomitable David Myles.

David’s latest release, Real Love, is his tenth album – described as a modern record with a retro vibe. And during the course of David’s Mixtape there are constant clues to where the various sounds on Real Love originated. As he launches into stories about the tunes that make up his Mixtape playlist, David’s enthusiasm ramps up to the point that I was wishing there was a seatbelt on his studio chair. He was positively levitating! Check it out if you will – this Wednesday evening at 7 MT – for David Myles’ Mixtape.