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Following these guidelines will help get your music on the air:
Check our program schedule

Get a sense of our music preferences, and if you feel your music would fit CKUA, then please send it our way. (We don’t play metal or hard-core rap, for example.)

Send it to our Music Coordinator

CKUA Radio Network
Music Coordinator
9804 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 0C5

If you feel that your music would suit a particular show, feel free to send an additional copy to that show’s announcer.

We prefer album submissions:

We prefer to receive full albums or EPs rather than singles. (We will consider adding a single only if it is recorded by a popular/well known/core CKUA artist.) Since our announcers choose their own music, more songs equals more choice and a better shot at airplay. We receive a tremendous volume of new music each week, and we simply cannot add everything that is sent our way. In the interest of being fair to artists, whatever we do add needs to have a decent shot at airplay. Many singles by unknown or independent artists simply get “lost in the shuffle”.

Submission by CD:

We prefer to receive new music in CD format. The CD should be professionally pressed, with a full listing of songs and indication of any containing unsuitable or obscene language in the lyrics. (Please do not send us a burned CD-R written on with a sharpie!!)

Please clearly label your CD with the proper artist/album info, including track times. Bear in mind that slip sleeves and paper envelope CD packaging can easily get lost on the shelves; regular sized jewel cases/ digipaks with a spine label are a big help to the announcers, and to you.

Submission of digital music:

We understand that not all artists can afford to press a CD. In those situations, we will accept digital submissions. PLEASE do not send a song file directly to us; it will be blocked by our security firewall.

Digital submissions should be in mp3 format, in the interests of file space. We do not have the time or resources to devote to converting blocks of files from wave or other formats. Song mp3 files should be broadcast quality, absolute minimum 128 kbps.

Please use a legitimate site with a download link to send music, for example DMDS, Play MPE, DropBox, Haulix or Bandcamp. And please include a promotional download code where necessary (for example if using Bandcamp).

Include a short bio (typed, not handwritten) whether you are sending physical or digital music:

A one-page bio is helpful, but keep it minimal. Include:

– your musical genre
– where you’re from
– current tour info
– other artists you might compare yourself to
– your website or contact info

Things to Consider:

As a community-supported radio station, we operate very differently than commercial stations and our airplay does not concentrate on singles or focus tracks.

CKUA does not air music that contains obscene lyrics. We are not able to screen the large volume of music that we receive for lyrical content. So we ask please that albums sent that feature questionable language have a clear indication of which songs contain obscenities. Even better, if you can send an album that is a “clean edit” (obscenities removed from the recording) we will be happy to receive it.

Announcers are free to play whatever they wish – they determine which albums receive the most exposure. Because of this, we do not have the resources to produce tracking reports for individual songs. Albums which receive the most airplay will appear on our music charts. Data used to compile these charts is based on the most popular choices of our announcers over a two-week period.

We do our best to support talented artists at all levels, but we receive such a tremendous amount of music from Albertan, Canadian, and International artists, that we are simply unable to guarantee airplay on any music that is submitted to us.

What happens next?

Most music we receive and approve lands in the New Release section, which our announcers regularly review for music that interests them. Due to the sheer size of our music collection we reserve the right to pull music that receives little to no airplay from the library.

Thank you for listening and we hope you hear your own tracks soon!