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Christoph in Austria

From: Christoph
To: Bob Chelmick

Hello Mr. Chelmick,

It’s a pleasure that I can listen to CKUA radio, especially to The Road Home.



Hello Christoph!

Many thanks for the note from Austria. It’s wonderful to think of this little program from a Canadian prairie’s cabin-in-the-woods finding some resonance with a listener from the rolling green hills of Styria. Delightful.

Say, how did you find CKUA? And The Road Home? Word is spreading, but it is always good to know how it happens.

If you have a favourite poet or music, l’d be happy to dedicate a tune/poem to you and other Austrian listeners (if there are any!).

See you on The Road,

bob’n the dogs
Alberta, Canada

– – – – –

From: Christoph
To: Bob Chelmick

Hello Mr. Chelmick!

Many thanks for your prompt reply … the time lag between Austria and Canada is 8 hours. So we listen to The Road Home after noon, after lunch and enjoy the words and music very much. It’s like “siesta” for us.

How I found CKUA and The Road Home: my nephew has been studying and working in Calgary for three years. I have a little internet radio receiver, so I was searching for radio stations from Alberta to get the right vibes. [CKUA is] Simply one of the best radio stations: less commercials, and high quality music and people who understand how to make fine radio programs, programs like The Road Home. That’s the story behind where the Road leads me.

And if I can contribute a poem from Rainer Marie Rilke, it would be a pleasure for me:

To Music

Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps:
silence of paintings. You language where all language ends. You time standing vertically on the motion of mortal hearts.

Feelings for whom? O you the transformation of feelings into what? –: into audible landscape.
You stranger: music. You heart-space
grown out of us. The deepest space in us, which, rising above us, forces its way out,– holy departure:
when the innermost point in us stands
outside, as the most practiced distance, as the other side of the air:
no longer habitable.

– Rainer Marie Rilke
Human warmth. Everyone is responsible to help guide our global family in the right direction.

Thanks and best regards from Murau, Styria