Last month Mark Antonelli received a letter from a listener, who wanted to submit her story to Donor Corner. Judy Fleming has been a listener since September of 1954, when her music teacher Mrs Bailey at Spruce Avenue School told her about CKUA. She was only 12 years old, but CKUA has been her favourite radio station ever since.

Judy loved Old Country Melodies, a Sunday program that played music from Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the social programs such as Ask an Alcoholic, which was produced by Monica Miller. Now, Judy enjoys Classic Examples and The Road Home, and listens whenever she can. She says that for her, “CKUA provides such wonderful and diverse music” and has furthered her love for classical music.

Judy wanted to share how grateful she is to CKUA, and we are grateful to have her as a loyal listener!