Hazel and Jim

Hazel and Jim

Do you ever get lost in thought and come to, only to realize that although you meant to turn left, you had turned right because that is the way you usually turn?

Or arrive at a corner and realize you have no memory of having driven past the service station or the library or even your friend’s house? Well, that feeling of despair swept over me with a great amount of angst when I returned from a walk and realized that it was between 6 and 7 on Thursday evening. My heart thudded into my boots, and my brain wailed, “NO! Not me! Please not dementia! I’m too young for dementia!” I knew I had left for my walk before 6 PM on Wednesday, and now there was proof positive in my ears that I had been away from my farm house for more than 24 hours. What was the proof positive? Well, a bluegrass song was merrily playing away on the radio, and that meant that Steve Fisher was hosting Fire on the Mountain.

It is a terrible feeling, that. The knowledge that somehow, a complete day has gone missing in one’s life. My mouth went dry. My breathing was as scratchy as a Roy Forbes’ 78. My little old heart was thumpering away in my chest like the beat of a two-step played by Allison Brock.

I might have died there at my front door, distraught over the fact that I had somehow been wandering around my farm, obviously oblivious and lost, except that the dulcet voice of Lionel Rault suddenly filled the air. I caught my breath. In the delightful eclectic world that is CKUA, a Bluegrass song had been played on a Wednesday afternoon. It could just as easily have been a new release by an Alberta artist, or folk song sing-a-long, or an easy listening melody or an oldie goldie by the Beatles. But no, he had chosen to play a Bluegrass song and had set off the chain of events to make me think I was suffering from dementia.

And speaking of Lionel’s dulcet tones, what about Bob’s dulcet tones, or Tom’s or TD’s, or John’s, or… but I digress.)

And those are the two reasons why I listen to CKUA. Number one is the sheer, unmitigated eclecticness of the station. I never know quite WHAT to expect. Once my boyfriend, Baba, (well, OK, he’s not my boyfriend, I’ve never even met him in person, but I think he’d make a darned terrific boyfriend) played something quite atrociously awful. I looked at my husband, Jim, and shrugged. “Don’t worry,” I intoned. “He could play Ian Tyson next.” Jim and I broke out laughing, as the very next song was a beautiful Ian Tyson ballad.

And the second reason I listen to CKUA? Well, it works as a clock and a calendar for me. I know the time of day, not by the clock, but by the DJ on the radio. I know what day it is by the song on the radio… usually!

We subscribe to CKUA because we love the Blues. We love Country. We enjoy many genres. We don’t like to tune to a station that only plays one genre. We want to be pushed and pulled and educated and amused and entertained and we want it done in a variety of categories. Thanks to CKUA for their eclectic array of music.