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Bill and Donna Stewart

Bill and Donna Stewart

I wanted to share our story of listening.

Bill and I discovered CKUA about a year before it went quiet. We really enjoyed listening to most of the shows CKUA had to offer. We had not committed financially yet, but having the station shut down made us sit up and pay attention.

We became regular supporters as soon as the movement to get CKUA back on the air began, and we have been regular monthly donors since. We feel CKUA has given us a real musical education. We hear a lot of music that is never played anywhere else: good music, lots of Canadian music.
We hope our financial support and our constant talk of what we heard and where we heard it will keep CKUA in people’s thoughts. We no longer live in Alberta, moving back to Vancouver Island to retire in 2008, but still listen regularly online. When Bill turned 60 last year we asked for donations to the station instead of gifts. Our grandkids bought him a CKUA mug and water bottle for his birthday.

We have people over regularly and when they ask what we are listening too we always say radio from Edmonton; giving out the website address in the hope that they too will become listeners and supporters. Thanks for making the music happen so we can listen.