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Eileen with Grandkids in Korea
CKUA first ‘met’ Eileen Mardres when she filled out a feedback form, asking us for help with a technical problem…”I plan to visit my son in Korea and spend a few months, so definitely need to be able to listen when there. I used to listen at the intenet cafes when I taught there in the 90s and CKUA helped me to keep my sanity while away from home.”

Of course, we immediately wanted to know more, and Eileen graciously replied.

“I have 2 addictions – mysteries and CKUA (well, and grandchildren) …my purpose in spending extended time in Korea will be to get to know my newest grandson. I can imagine sitting on the veranda with him alseep in my arms, a mystery in one hand and CKUA in the background – especially since the spot on the veranda is only 1.5 m. from the computer!

Your replies make me really look forward to having the time to volunteer at the station. I’ve been a Folk Fest volunteer since 1986, and making some contribution to the arts in Edmonton has been a priority for a very long time.

My son and his wife both love music. He still listens to CKUA sometimes; she plays drums, and they timed one of their previous visits to Canada to attend the EFMF.”