Timothy in Tennessee
Hello to all!

My name is Tim, I am an avid radio DX’er. From my location here in Kingsport, Tennessee,USA, I have logged nearly 1000 FM stations over the past 16 years. On June 11, 2012 your station on 93.7 Mhz became my farthest catch at 1849 miles!

After hearing your station I found your website and live audio stream. I absolutely love CKUA! I now listen to you via the internet while doing work around the house! You play a great eclectic mix of music and the website is wonderful to look at and use. Since hearing your signal a few days ago, I now have a new-found interest in Alberta and have been looking at websites and pictures of Calgary and across the province. You guys are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place. I hope to visit some day!

Best Regards!


Calgary to Kingsport

Distance between Calgary and Kingsport