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The Picks:

Bob ChelmickRhiannon Giddens, “We Could Fly”

This story about a family’s mystical ‘old ways’ tradition makes a good case for human levitation. I’m a sucker for a good story song – and well-grounded mysticism.

Mark AntonelliDead Can Dance, “Anywhere Out Of The World”

This is the first song I ever heard by Dead Can Dance. It blew me away. Who knew something so dark could be so good? I heard the music at a house party hosted by a CKUA producer back in the late 1980s. Brendan Perry’s voice is moody and dark while Lisa Gerrard’s (not heard on this particular track) is simply out of this world. I can’t even imagine her vocal range! They also perform medieval music on occasion! What’s not to love?

Terry David MulliganRon Sexsmith, “Secret Heart”

it plays with your heart and your head. It seems everyone has a secret heart where all the untold stories live. Ron Sexsmith seems to have the key.
Brilliant writing and memorable performance. A handful of great singer/songwriters have said “I wish I’d written that song”

Dianne DonovanJimmy LaFave, “The Beauty of You”

A little backstory-Jimmy LaFave is one of the most beloved artists (roots/folk) in Austin (where I currently reside). Recently, news broke about his having been diagnosed with Sarcoma (a very rare and serious form of cancer). He has decided to spend his last “living” days, LIVING in Austin, near friends. In fact, on Thursday, May 18th, his many friends (all, well-known artists) will/did put on a concert in his honor, the proceeds of which will go to several of his favourite charities.

Why this song? The Beauty of You, seems to capture the beauty of the man and the world/life he so cherishes. It is soulful, deeply emotional and kind of like a prayer.

Monica MillerOvercoats, “The Fog”

Their voices blend as though they were sisters but they are simply musical sisters – New York’s Hana Elion & JJ Mitchell are Overcoats. Their debut “Young” is a remarkable start to what I hope is a long career. AND, it was picked up by Arts & Crafts – the mighty Canadian independent record label.

Grant StovelAni DiFranco, “Binary”

The title track to Ani’s upcoming 20th album is funky and joyful — but characteristically enough, her lyrics offer some pointed political and philosophical insights.
The chorus asserts that “consciousness is binary.” She explains that “whether it’s a community with an opinion or an individual with a perspective, if it’s not happening in relationship to other communities or to other people, it’s not whole…It’s all about relationship. That’s what makes us alive. And in order to make change in the world, you can’t stay at home and shout your outrage to the universe. You need to go to where the problem is, address it and form a dialogue. You have to engage it. That’s the way everything changes.”

Amy Van KeekenSomi, “Black Enough”

I’ve been entranced with this album since it came into the station recently. Petite Afrique is the name of the latest from jazz artist singer-songwriter Somi. Gorgeous vocals, perfect arrangements and lyrics that make you think.


Hayley MuirLydia Loveless, “Sorry”

Lydia Loveless does an absolutely stunning job covering and reworking this Justin Bieber pop jam. Loveless’ take is stark and deep and brings a whole new perspective and vibe to the track.

Tony KingdoubleVee, “What You Deserve”

“The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider” is the name of this album, and if that alone isn’t enticement enough to have one plunder into the sonic treats contained herein, the cover art featuring a ‘Gauginesque’ character poised alongside a bicycle is sure to pique your interest. “What You Deserve” is just a small slice of the wry, barb infused pie that is doubleVee, a husband and wife team based in Oklahoma City.

Baba10 CC, “Dreadlock Holiday”

(Said to be) a true story, great little cheeky track. Summer is almost here, Reggae flavour should be a good fit for whatever weather we have….

David WardOld Crow Medicine Show, “Visions of Johanna”

Once again, Old Crow breathes new life into the Bob Dylan songbook with this uptempo version of a Blonde On Blonde highlight.

Kodi HutchinsonClark Terry, “Flutin’ And Flugin”

It’s fun and it swings!