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Lionel RaultJonatha Brooke, “There’s More True Lovers Than One”

An inspired collaboration, albeit 40 years apart, between Woodie Guthrie, who wrote the lyrics, and Jonatha Brooke who wrote the music and supplied the vocals!

Amy Van KeekenBedouine, “Solitary Daughter”

Poetic, gorgeous with lush strings and a beautiful melancholy message. Born in Aleppo, Syria to Armenian parents, Azniv Korkejian spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, then moved to America. She currently lives in L.A.

Mark AntonelliMartin Berkofsky & Sergei Podobedov, pianos, “Ko-ola-u for 2 Pianos by Alan Hovhaness”

This piece is named after a mountain range in Hawaii. It’s an evocative melody that also comes with a poem by the composer speaking of Sacred Light on an Endless Ocean. He included the tune in his And God Created Great Whales where it’s accompanied by whale song. “Whales” is the first piece of Hovhaness’ music I heard back in the early 1980s. I’d love to get the original recording I heard but it’s not available anymore. It’s still one of my favourites!

Hayley MuirSon Little, “Blue Magic (Waikiki)”

A perfect summer tune! This new single from Son Little takes a step away from his previous electronic experimentation and is straight neo-soul, drenched in island vibes and even has some kids on vocals. In short, all the things that make this programmer the happiest lil programmer. Son Little is at the Calgary Folk Fest this week, to boot!

Oskar ZybartRichard Hawley, “Dark Road”

Wishing everyone jolly road trips, keen camping, and an exciting festival season with a baritone-rich Richard Hawley gem from his ‘Lady’s Bridge’ LP. Hearing this, it’s not surprising that Hawley would produce Duane Eddy’s comeback album just a few years later. Both are highly recommended.

Lisa WiltonLeisure, “Got It Bad”

Smooth and soulful, this is a great chill out song for hot summer days.

Grant StovelTony Allen, “Wolf Eats Wolf”

Tony Allen is a masterful musician who literally helped invent Afrobeat music back in the 1970s, as the longtime drummer in Fela Kuti’s trailblazing band.
Now in his late seventies, he’s been keeping up a feverish creative pace.
He’s got a new album in the works with supergroup The Good, The Bad & the Queen (featuring members of The Clash, Blur, and The Verve).
Plus, he’s in a band with Flea! Another star-studded ensemble, Rocket Juice & the Moon.
And under his own name, he’s about to put out his second (!) album of 2017…
On the heels his brilliant EP in tribute to Art Blakey & the Messengers, he’s got a full-length album of original material set for a September release on the vaunted Blue Note record label.
Tony and his band are at their supple, slippery best on the new record’s advance cut, “Wolf Eats Wolf”.

Monica MillerMappe Of, “Kaepora”

Mappe Of is Ontario’s Tom Meikle and “A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone” is his debut album. Based on what I’ve heard so far, this is an artist to watch.

BabaBruce Cockburn, “State’s I’m In (Single)”

Bruce Cockburn is a living legend with legions of fans and devotees. Teasing the ‘next’ release ( Bone On Bone, Sept. 15th, 2017). I wanna hear what the man has to say/sing.

Bob ChelmickTuatara & Coleman Barks , “Grainy Taste”

A 13th century poem speaking clearly to today’s ears. Rumi, the Persian Sufi, in translation over a swirling stream of music. “…above any concept of heaven, I prefer human friendship.”

Lark ClarkGhostkeeper, “Haunted”

This artist wakes me up with the unexpected, the original, the humourous…