Dan Mangan’s been keeping busy: prepping for a new album in 2018, composing for film & television, not to mention the demands of fatherhood. But somehow with all of that, he’s also found a way to become the co-founder of a new tech start up — Side Door, which he likens to Tinder for artists and venues.

“Could be comedy, could be lectures, could be music … it could be any kind of performance going on in any kind of space,” he tells Terry David Mulligan on Mulligan Stew.

The idea for Side Door was cooked up by Mangan and his co-founder Laura Simpson, who works in the music industry in Nova Scotia. Both are intimately familiar with the struggles of artists who are still trying to find an audience. Not just about having to find a place to perform, but to find the right venue.

“If your footprint can’t be wide, it should be deep. If you’re only going to play to 30 people in a loud noisy club where people can’t hear you, it isn’t going to get you much traction. But playing to 30 people in a living room, or a loft, or a bookstore .. where the context of the setting is setting you up to win, then you are actually creating long-standing roots in that community,” he says.

Side Door aims to make that happen, helping artists set up house concerts and shows in less-traditional places.

Mangan goes more into the plan, and shares a few of his own experiences in some unusual and unique venues, with TDM on this week’s Mulligan Stew. Tune in at 5pm MT this Saturday to hear it.