CKUA Community Members are listeners, volunteers, donors, musicians, sponsors, announcers, staff members or anyone else for whom CKUA plays an important role in their lives. Please contact us if you have a suggestion for a community member article.

  • The Rozsa Foundation

    The Rozsa Foundation Awards The Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management was created in 2002 to honour the philanthropic efforts of Dr. Ted Rozsa and Dr. Lola Rozsa. Unique in the country, the Award is intended to recognize, celebrate
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  • Meet Chandler Collins

    Chandler Collins
    How did you first come across CKUA? I came to Calgary originally from Georgia, and I lived for a while in Charleston and New Orleans. My husband was transferred to Calgary and we arrived on Jan. 1, 2014 to snow,
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  • Peter North, Promoter

    Peter North
    Ever wondered what a Music Promoter does, exactly? Peter North, host of both Dead Ends and Detours and Points North, has been a promoter for almost 40 years and tells us about his experience. How did you get started as
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  • John

    John in Fort Benton
    “We dream of a world as good as CKUA!” Last winter I was just south of Lethbridge, near Cutbank, Montana, working on the MATLine (Montana-Alberta Tie Line), an electric transmission line under construction from Lethbridge to Great Falls, Montana. It
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  • Dennis

    Our CKUA friend Dennis contacted us during his swathing recently…”It went great. Close to 2600 acres finished now. Worked until 11:30. And I was listening to CKUA.” I asked him for a photo and he sent one of him, his
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  • Bob Kenyon

    Bob Kenyon
    Meet Bob Kenyon – a CKUA listener, supporter, volunteer, and facebook commentator. Bob stopped by for a visit to our Green Room one Friday in June, and told us his story. My dad was a real tinkerer – he actually
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  • Olivia

    Dear Baba, Hello. My name is Olivia and I am 12 years old. I’ve been learning Spanish ever since I was in first grade. Naturally, my parents have been trying to make me listen to Spanish music. I’ve really tried
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  • Michael Keyes

    Michael Keyes
    The CKUA Music Library is humming with projects these days – everything from digitizing music in our Digital Music Library, to making music charts (and a whole lot in between). These projects, which help build and enhance our musical resources
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  • Anita Jenkins

    Growing up on a farm in the 1950s, isolated from everything, Anita Jenkins developed a taste for the music she heard on CHED – one of the only stations strong enough to broadcast out into the rural part of the
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  • Dr. Richard MacDonald

    Earlier this fall, CKUA was fortunate to reconnect with a longtime CKUA Family member. Dr. Richard MacDonald Jr. lives in California now, but was recently in Edmonton for a 65th reunion of his B.Sc. degree class, and he dropped by
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  • Susan Campbell

      Known as ‘the cake lady’, Susan Campbell has been an avid supporter of CKUA ever since she moved here from Ottawa in the spring of 1998. Shortly after her move, one idle Friday night, Susan was turning the dial
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  • Marilyn Hooper

    Marilyn Hooper
    1. Why CKUA? What is it about CKUA that compels you to volunteer? Because I feel like it is my station. 2. How did you first come across CKUA? Accidentally one evening many many years ago as I was spinning
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  • Don McEvoy

    Don McEvoy
    Don is a treasured volunteer, with Hospitality. When he’s in the building, the coffee’s hot and plentiful, the kitchen floor’s clean, and the food’s delivered to the pledge room regularly. I wish he could always be here! Read what Don
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  • Jill Day

    Jill Day
    How did you first come across CKUA? An acquaintance told me about CKUA in 1990 – I started by listening on Saturday afternoons to Holger’s blues show, an hour long back then. When CKUA went off air I was devastated.
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  • Jean Harriman

    Jean Harriman
    1.Why CKUA? Many reasons: a. MAIN one: I’ve lived in rural Alberta where the radio choices have been very limited and CKUA was always there with quality programming (personally, I can only listen to limited amounts of guitar twanging). b.
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