CKUA depends on donors, and while we can’t ever thank you enough, we can share your story of why you support CKUA. Here are some questions to get you started.

1. What inspired you to become a CKUA donor? Is there an important moment, person, or special occasion that influenced your decision to donate?

2. When you think of CKUA what key words come to mind?

3. What result/impact do you hope your gift will achieve?

4. What would you tell someone who has never listened to CKUA?

5. Why is it important to keep the CKUA legacy going?

Just email us (include a photo if you don’t mind sharing) and we might feature your story in an upcoming issue of Original Thoughts!

  • Meet Richard & Brenda Radu

    “My first encounter with CKUA came about in the mid-1990s, after I commented to a co-worker that if I heard another guitar solo on the radio that day I’d go nuts. My co-worker, Jerry, suggested that I check out CKUA,
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  • Meet Troy and his Family

    Troy, Doris and Jasmine (Image: Troy)
    So where do I begin with the story of how I found CKUA, and how it has changed me for the better? It was 2006 when I moved to Grande Prairie. I was coming from a world of stress and
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  • Meet Judy Fleming

    Last month Mark Antonelli received a letter from a listener, who wanted to submit her story to Donor Corner. Judy Fleming has been a listener since September of 1954, when her music teacher Mrs Bailey at Spruce Avenue School told her
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  • Meet Ben and Amanda Hodgson

    Ben and Amanda Hodgson (Image Holly Cameron of MCK Photography
    Ben and Amanda Hodgson are a dynamic duo that support CKUA is so many ways, including volunteering, donating, and advocating for the station. They are fabulous supporters of CKUA, sharing their love for the station everywhere they go, and bringing
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  • Meet Bill & Donna Stewart

    Bill and Donna Stewart
    I wanted to share our story of listening. Bill and I discovered CKUA about a year before it went quiet. We really enjoyed listening to most of the shows CKUA had to offer. We had not committed financially yet, but
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  • Meet Hazel and Jim

    Hazel and Jim
    Do you ever get lost in thought and come to, only to realize that although you meant to turn left, you had turned right because that is the way you usually turn? Or arrive at a corner and realize you
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  • Meet Garfield Hiscock

    Garfield Hiscock
    My older brother Greg introduced me to CKUA, when I spent Christmas of 2001 with him and my younger brother Stephen in Lloydminster. CKUA was always on the radio, and I was hooked. I returned to my home in Washington,
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