Ben and Amanda Hodgson (Image Holly Cameron of MCK Photography

Ben and Amanda Hodgson (Image Holly Cameron of MCK Photography

Ben and Amanda Hodgson are a dynamic duo that support CKUA is so many ways, including volunteering, donating, and advocating for the station. They are fabulous supporters of CKUA, sharing their love for the station everywhere they go, and bringing energy and light into the office whenever they volunteer their time. We sat down with Ben and Amanda to find out more about them.

Q: What do you love most about CKUA?
A: We love the diversity, the sense of family and community and making instant friends when we discover we have CKUA in common.

Q: How would you describe your relationship with CKUA?
A: As in any relationship, there are ups and downs. Of course not every programming decision or music choice can please everyone but overall we have a happy and healthy relationship (although I wish you’d send me flowers more often). CKUA will remain our favourite (only) radio station for many years to come.

Q: How has CKUA impacted your life?
A: Some of our favourite people work and/or volunteer at the mighty CKUA. The variety of music we are introduced to gets us out to more concerts and compels us to expand our already massive personal music collection. We meet more like-minded people and we promote great artists to our friends.

Q: If you were to describe CKUA to a brand new listener, what would you say?
A: CKUA is a musical melting pot where cultures, genres, styles, talents, personalities and intellects are cultivated into this beautiful entity that enriches the lives of its listeners. We feel as though our lives are better for having CKUA in them.

Q: What made you start donating to CKUA? Why monthly?
A: Amanda took a tour of the old building, fell in love with the amazing music library and became a volunteer that day. She started as a monthly donor during the next fall fundraiser a few months later. Ben had been listening off and on for some time and started volunteering alongside Amanda in 2011. He began monthly donations later that year. They say they believe monthly donations are best for CKUA’s budget.

Q: What is your favourite experience as a CKUA volunteer?
A: It’s tough to pick just one moment, but closing out the final shift of a successful fundraising campaign is extremely rewarding! We love knowing that other listeners care about CKUA as much as we do.

Thank you Ben and Amanda for all that you do to keep the music alive at CKUA.